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Your Baby Can Learn! Product Offerings

If you follow the family over on Instagram and Facebook, you have no doubt seen our two year old, Titus, reading his little pants off! We knew when he was born we wanted to expose him to language and books but weren’t exactly sure on how to do it.

Where do we start?

Will he be interested in it?

How do we introduce such an important, life-long part of learning into his daily life that was fun, easy and multi-sensory?

My mother is a consummate early childhood educator and at the centermost point of her curriculum was the Infant Learning Center’s Your Baby Can Learn! suite of educational tools.

When I shared videos of Titus reading with my family and friends EVERYONE wanted to know how on Earth was my child navigating language so quickly–and having fun while doing it! I immediately reached out to the Vice-President of Operations at Infant Learning Company with a collaboration proposal and our e-commerce shop was born!

These products by design are devoted to creating fun and entertaining opportunities to stimulate learning in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. While we started Titus at the recommended six months, you can begin your play-based approach to learning at any stage in early childhood!

I love that the YBCL! products come with guidance for each teaching tool to ensure a seamless user experience.

Your Baby Can Learn! products are a incredibly thoughtful gift for your grandchildren, pre-schoolers or any expecting parents. Makes a one of a kind Baby Shower gift! I personally recommend the Your Baby Can Learn! American English Big Kit (NEW). It contains EVERYTHING you need to get started on your little ones learning journey!

Any YBCL! product purchased in this shop provides a commission and we thank you, as always, for your support! We’re happy you see value in the content we create!


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