Great Books for Infants

Growing up with a mother who was a early childhood educator means I inherently was a bit of a bookworm. I have curated a collection of Titus’ (and a few of my own!) favorite board books in our Amazon store. If you have Prime you can get these goodies to your doorstep as soon as tomorrow! … More Great Books for Infants

Taking Your Newborn Out in Public Do’s & Don’ts

Posting small snippets of our adventures on social media, I’ve received countless messages saying how “brave” I was to take our little one out of the house every now and again. With encouragement from my husband, I’ve slowly become more and more comfortable taking T our and about…with limitations of course! … More Taking Your Newborn Out in Public Do’s & Don’ts

Our Birth Story

A little under two weeks ago we gave birth to a smiling, hairy baby boy and fell completely in love. We went with the intention of birthing in a birth centre with little to no pain intervention and a possible tub birth, but our little King had other plans for us!

More Our Birth Story