5 Toddler Road Trip Essentials

Coming to you from the other side of a very successful 20+ hour road trip with TWO kids (aged 3 and 1). HONEY! The research I did leading up to this trip was lengthy but absolutely the source of the rides success.

Before I get into the nitty gritty (and Amazon links to the items that saved us!) I want to define what success is to me. Success with kiddos (and parents!) on a car ride are kids that are well-fed, entertained and well-rested! Seems simple, right?

All items purchased were from Amazon and are affiliate links.

Things to Consider

Think about your kids and their interests–what do they find themselves interested in? Books? Games on a tablet? Coloring? Stacking blocks?

For Titus, aged 3, he is an avid reader and also loves to draw/write. For Phoenix, aged 1, he is a fiddler (loves to poke things!) and stacking large blocks. Below you’ll find where to purchase these helpful items! Most of these items are under the $20 price range which was an added bonus!

Items above are a part of Amazon Associates program
  1. Fidget Popper (Quantity: 2)
  2. Magnetic Drawing Board
  3. Travel Activity Table
  4. Magnetic Letters Kit
  5. Tegu Magnetic Baby Blocks
  6. Cup Bungee
  7. Toddler Neck Pillow

I hope this list helps you champion your next road trip with toddlers. Until next time!


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