Great Books for Infants

Growing up with a mother who was a early childhood educator means I inherently was a bit of a bookworm. I remember loving the repetition of some of the more popular works of Eric Carle like ‘The Very Hungry Catepillar‘ and pop-flap books like Eric Hill’s ‘Where Is Spot?’ These books were a big part of my childhood and also signified one-on-one time with my mother!IMG_8999Having our first child it is such a delight to see Titus take to books the same way! His GiGi sporadically sends these awesom kid-sized board books by Dr. Seuss and watching him engage with each turn of the page makes the little girl inside of me jump up and down!

I have curated a collection of Titus’ (and a few of my own!) favorite board books in our Amazon store. If you have Prime you can get these goodies to your doorstep as soon as tomorrow!


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