Great Books for Infants

Growing up with a mother who was a early childhood educator means I inherently was a bit of a bookworm. I remember loving the repetition of some of the more popular works of Eric Carle like ‘The Very Hungry Catepillar‘ and pop-flap books like Eric Hill’s ‘Where Is Spot?’ These books were a big part of my childhood and also signified one-on-one time with my mother!IMG_8999Having our first child it is such a delight to see Titus take to books the same way! His GiGi sporadically sends these awesom kid-sized board books by Dr. Seuss and watching him engage with each turn of the page makes the little girl inside of me jump up and down!

I have curated a collection of Titus’ (and a few of my own!) favorite board books in our Amazon store. If you have Prime you can get these goodies to your doorstep as soon as tomorrow!

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EUGENIA HART-MITCHELL is a social media manager, military wife and mother living in Princeton, NC. At AT HOME WITH THE MITCHELLS we celebrate millennial parenthood, travel, lifestyle and early childhood education through the Your Baby Can Learn! programs as an authorized seller of Infant Learning Company products.

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